What started out as a seemingly funny joke, relentlessly compounded by the media and late night comedians as something that could never seriously happen, has officially happened: Donald J Trump, reality TV star and brash billionaire is now the President-elect of the United States. White, working class America turned their backs on the Democrats and voted in droves for Trump as a rebuke to the political establishment that has largely forgotten them, while the liberal and diverse side of America is terrified at the prospect of what Trump will do in office and what he will inspire in the electorate, particularly in light of the darkly racist and misogynistic messages of his campaign. Steve and Ben examine the 2016 US election and its impact, as well as how everyone seemed to get it all so wrong in terms of predicting the outcome. They also discuss the latest MacBook Pros and the associated uproar they have generated among the professional audience they supposedly serve.

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