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Ben Warner

Ben Warner is the founder of Digicosm and Small Wave Films, and has directed numerous short films, feature films and documentaries.

Ben Warner co-hosted the vodcast FiST Chat with Steve Kern from January 2011 to August 2014, covering topics on film, science and technology. He also produced and co-hosted the online series Food Discoveries.

Ben began making films at 18, creating four self-funded short films that served as his unofficial film schooling; “Territory” (1999), Echoes… (1999), Demon (2000) and The Clock (2000). Demon screened at the 2000 Portobello Film Festival in the UK. In 2001, Ben created production house Digicosm and produced three self funded feature films: “Breaking Point” (2001), Guardian (2002) and Parallels (2005). Parallels won the UK Asian News Cinema Award for Best Sci-Fi/Horror Film in 2005, awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. Parallels secured a North American distribution deal with Film Annex. Ben subsequently entered in to a joint venture with Film Annex to run the web television channels Digicosm TV and Food Discoveries TV as part of the Film Annex network.

In 2008, Ben created Small Wave Films to produce content for new digital media platforms, including film and web site content development. Films are distributed via Small Wave TV and Digicosm TV. Ben’s 2009 film GFC: Gunpoint Finance Creditor won the online “War Of Films” competition for April 2010, and was screened at the 2010 Firstglance Online Shorts Contest.

Ben has also directed the following films: The Trial Of Film (2005), The Trial Of Film 2 (2007), Samaritan (2008), Shore Stories: Tales Of A Kiosk (2009) The Monster In The River (2011) and Trial 159 (2011).

When he’s not working, Ben indulges his love of travelling, technology, food, cinema, and music.

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