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Examining Science, Technology and Culture in the 21st Century

About SciTech Culture

About SciTech Culture

Welcome to SciTech Culture, formally the FiST Chat podcast.

Curated by Steve Kern & Ben Warner, this platform offers content that examines science, technology and culture in our modern, 21st century world.

STC-Profile-Avatar smallThis platform builds upon the original FiST Chat podcast, offering further discussions in science and technology, but also new content including serialised fiction, video series, photography, articles and more.

Links to our current and archived content can be found in the menu bar above.

Watch the final episode of FiST Chat: Ep178 – Moving on to SciTech Culture in which we explain the changes from FiST Chat to SciTech Culture.

We hope you enjoy SciTech Culture!

Regards, Steve & Ben.

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