Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Snapchat, Instagram and endless more social media platforms are part of our daily lives yet have deconstructed our privacy in the process. And it doesn’t stop there, with operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS and macOS including features such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now that use your data to provide a tailored experience. Maps and GPS data on our devices can track our location and whereabouts, providing detailed histories of our movements if privacy settings are not locked down. Successfully navigating all the privacy settings attached to all these platforms is a potential nightmare for the lay person, yet most of us don’t even give this very important issue a second thought. Steve and Ben discuss the importance of successfully navigating all the privacy settings in the apps, platforms, systems and devices we use, and how it is potentially easier to leave your privacy exposed than it is to keep it locked down due to the nature and design of all those apps, platforms, systems and devices that we all love to use on a daily basis.

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