We are living at the dawn of the digital age which has opened our worlds to more content, news, software and more than ever before. The democratisation of so many products and services through the internet is exposing our culture to an exponentially growing amount of content and services, but it is also potentially creating a huge user base that does not want to pay for those content and services like previous generations had. Do content and services have the same value as they used to? Steve and Ben discuss the pros and cons of this new world and how the amount of new options available to us may be devaluing the products and services available to us, whether they be apps, movies, novels, news, software and more. Steve and Ben also discuss the continuing fallout of the Apple vs FBI encryption case, the latest from Facebook’s F8 Conference, the downward spiral of Bitcoin Exchange Igot, and SpaceX successfully launching a rocket that landed on an ocean drone platform.

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