How did language and conversations begin? Steve and Ben discuss language and human conversations over history and in today’s culture, along with a brief recap on Google Maps’ 10th birthday and the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Watch below:

The spoken word and touch are two incredible powerful languages that we all use every day to communicate with each other and the world. A recent study has suggested that language developed was most spurred on by the development of tools around two million years ago because this activity was unemotional in nature. Hunter gathering activities also helped drive the development of our language, and today, we have used language to develop incredible tools that boost our communications abilities even further, faster and over incredible distances than we ever thought possible. Steve and Ben take a look at the development of language, its importance, how its changed and how we are using it in today’s world with the most sophisticated digital communications tools we’ve ever seen. They also have a quick discussion on the 10-year anniversary of Google Maps and the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview and new Office preview.