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Watch the latest episode of the show below: “Trump Meets Kanye West.”

Belonging in the category of it being impossible to make this stuff up, the latest episode of the Trump Presidency went to brand new, insane territory this week when rapper and fervent Trump supporter Kanye West met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office at the White House. Kanye spoke uninterrupted for sections at a time with a smiling and nodding Donald Trump looking on, and before a packed scrum of media eager to capture this spectacle for their respective organisations, all the while ignoring Hurricane Michael causing untold devastation on the people of Florida, with Mexico Beach taking the brunt of the storm. Steve and Ben discuss the latest example of the Trump administration jumping the shark, how this will not be the last time such a moment, or worse, will occur under Donald Trump, and asks the question again, what is it going to take before the collective consciousness of the American public decide to call time on all this behavior and nonsense. And for Kanye, was it really a good idea for him to be played so badly in front of the cameras and the world?

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